About us


It seems incredible how a simple trip abroad and a visit to a football stadium could awaken in me such a great passion and such an important interest lasting for the last forty plus years, which is the length of time that has elapsed since I first started collecting official pennants, most them embroidered, of football clubs and federations from all over the world.
Returning from that first trip abroad with these gems became, all of a sudden, a real interest in finding any type of pennant, as long as it is an official ensign, that is, the little flag that the football teams exchange in the field before international matches or those important matches in any type of tournament or championship.


Today they do not make pennants so elaborate and unique as those made in the first half of the last century. In those days embroiderers were highly skilled and the clubs considered the exchange of pennants as a symbol of friendship and respect towards the opposite team. In today’s global village, we can find more and more standardised and printed pennants, even though in recent times embroidered pennants have returned and many clubs exchange them on special occasions especially in European Cups games, giving pennants back their rightful symbolic value.

I hope this small summary will help fellow collectors enjoy my collection and suggest any ideas they may have for future possible collaboration. Also speaking to the initiates of this very particular hobby, I hope they get close to the right amateur spirit which must accompany any great passion. Collecting for collecting’s sake and building new friendships and maintaining contact with mutual spirits without any hint of commercialism or profit.